Major shareholders


The information below was accurate at 8 June 2017


Number of shares in issue: 174,296,657


Percentage of shares not in public hands: 32.5% (including the disclosed holdings below)


There are no restrictions on the transfer of the Company's securities


Identity and holdings of significant shareholders and Directors
Shareholder Number of Ordinary Shares Percentage of issued Ordinary Share Capital
URU Metals Ltd 17,550,000 10.1%
Karrabin Investments Pty Ltd 14,661,487 8.4%
Paul and Santina Morffew (held both directly and through SCOPN Pty Ltd) 7,620,296 4.4%
Macquarie Bank Ltd 6,752,944 3.9%
Trevor Brown (Director) 6,000,000 3.4%
Dr Nigel Burton (Director) 4,000,000 2.3%
Tim Jones (Director) 133,333 0.1%


The table below shows the options and warrants outstanding


Price Expiry Quantity
Options 30p 11 December 2021 492,250
Warrants 30p 11 December 2017 2,566,667
Warrants 5p 5 May 2022 11,407,120
Warrants 5p 8 June 2022 8,700,000

Fully diluted share capital: 197,462,694

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